Wednesday, April 9

With red thread....

....and my very best hand stitches, I finally finished the *Rowan* bag

you can fit all~sorts in it....

so today I am officially a 
*Bag Lady*

and I have lost my words....

Thursday, April 3

the *Gypsywort* dress

I know *they* say you shouldn't have favourites


this ones my favourite

I dyed a vintage table cloth antique grey, it was £1.50 from the charity shop

I stitched little buttons

 The pattern for the *Gypswort* dress was created 
by hettie brown

part of

*hedgerow* collection
my muddly homemade wardrobe

Pretty yet practical
frocks to wear with wellies...or not


Around the margins of ponds, along the banks of ditches and streams, the Gypsywort may often be found amongst the crowded vegetation.


ooh and do pop over and check out  Mrs B's gorgeous pinny.....

happy days

Monday, March 31

Why?.... a small lightbulb moment.

I began to feel a bit stressed these past couple of days
I didn't ask myself why?
I just thought I don't like this feeling, of feeling stressed.

When I did eventually stop to ask myself why?
I realised I do this thing, that is to put quite a lot of pressure on myself.
I can only liken the feeling to that of juggling with eggs, that is the feeling...
As long as they are all in the air it's ok, but one slip and your in a right old mess.

little loopy Luna
I don't like feeling this way. I feel this way when I put too much pressure on myself, with too many bits of my life, up there being juggled..... and inevitably sooner or later one of the eggs will fall.
I am a rubbish juggler.

I stumbled off my simple life path, just a few steps off,,, until I realised, that the way back to my simple life path, was actually straight ahead, I just had to keep to the path.

So I made my own pattern from scratch, a dress for me.  Because I love to sew....

Because I love the creative process

because it is my hobby, it is my passion, it is my thing that makes me feel calm and happy, that helps keep me sane and ticking along just nicely...thank you...kindly.

And with the making of this dress I realised, my days of selling are over, that it didn't make me happy to make, to sell.
And after deciding this I feel calm and happy again.
 Thank you so much for your kind words, but I have decided not to sell my dresses....I hope to inspire others maybe to have a go, to make because you love to sew, but for me selling my wares is not the way ahead, any longer.

I have set up a page where you can find all details of patterns I have used, underneath my header
*Glad Rags*
you can ask me questions there, if you wish, and I promise to reply.

For now my sewing is my sanctuary
I don't want to make it my business again.

the *Tansy* dress is part of the hettie brown *hedgerow* collection
my muddly home made wardrobe.

Pretty yet practical
frocks to wear with wellies...or not...

Growing in waste places by field and roadside throughout the country, the Tansy is believed to be garden escapes, or their descendents.  Certainly there was a time when  every kitchen garden had its clump of Tansy, for it was a valued item in cookery especially in the spring time.
'the observers book of wild flowers'